VIEWPOP® is a new way to share your life in 3D.  The app allows you to capture stunning three-dimensional content straight from your mobile phone.  



Capture life in 3D

For individuals, VIEWPOP® allows you to capture and share moments like never seen before – in beautiful three-dimension.  Capture your 3D moment within one second, then simply tilt your handset from side to side to view the 3D effect. This changes the way we capture content.


Showcase product in 3D

For startups, brands and businesses, VIEWPOP® adds an entirely new way to market product. Now  you can easily capture a three-dimensional photo of your product to give your audience a more engaging product shot, capture their imagination and show them more of what they want to see.


Peter Brennan

Andy Carrie
Director of Content

Jevon Le Roux
VP of Strategy &

Mark Boyce
Director of Finance

Martin Brennan
Director & 

Oscar Fernandez
VP of Hardware Design

App Development Partner

An award-wining app development company with an executive team of ex-Microsoft, PayPal and Virgin board members. Appster bought a minority stake in The Pratley Co and have put an experienced team into building the first version of ViewPop. 

Hardware Manufacturing Partner

Dragon is a hardware manufacturing company that has taken startups such as LIFX, MakerBot and Pebble Watches from prototype to market. Having met their CEO face-to-face at Web Summit in Dublin, we have chosen Dragon Innovation as our hardware partners to assist us in ‘Dragon Certifying’ our hardware products, selecting manufacturers, and looking after the logistics of manufacturing and delivering hardware to customers.