Meet The True View

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Now, Stab ain’t particularly first to jump on a new toy (or, maybe we are). But in this instance, we feel justified. Meet the True-View, a kinky little device for your phone that takes 3D photos and videos, produced by The Pratley Co (two surfers who wanna make some ripples). It looks Hasselblad-ish, so the aesthetic won’t solicit a cringe. The quality is kinda astounding. Basically, it makes the until-now-dorky realm of 3D and makes it, well, sexy. Whatever your knee-jerk reaction, actually consider creating your own 3D images and footage…
The True-View is currently steaming north on Kickstarter. We wanna see it produced, purely so we can log folders and folders of poorly-composed by visually-awesome homegrown visuals. We ain’t the only ones, either – outta 5k applications that tech conference Web Summit received, The Pratley Co was one of 300 chosen to present the True-View. That should speak volumes in itself about the quality of the tech side.